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Lead Generation Guide

How It Works

Businesses visit Spacelist to find commercial space
Whether starting, expanding or relocating a business, they are able to search thousands of listings or connect with a real estate professional for assistance.
Market your services to prospective tenants
Complete your broker profile telling us what what kind of tenant you’re looking to market your services to, including property type, space size, and what cities you serve. We’ll send you a notification when a tenant matching your criteria connects and you’ll be able to view their profile.
Contact, tour, and close
You’ll have access to their complete tenant profile, including company details and space requirements, so you can decide what properties match their needs. You can share shortlists directly from Spacelist, or call/email them to setup a tour.

Profile & Preferences

Creating a profile is easy - a few quick details about yourself and a profile photo and you’re ready to go! We also suggest adding your professional background and experience to best represent the level of service you can provide.
Profile photo recommendations
Friendly. Clients like to see a smiling face.
Professional. Invest in a quality headshot.
Resolution. We suggest at least 500x500 pixels.
Set your preferences
You can target the exact types of tenants you want to work with by selecting the size, space type and locations that your ideal clients are looking for.
Tip: You can also target tenants that fit specific requirements of properties you’re representing as well.

Gain Exposure

Generate awareness
Prospective tenants are marketed real estate professionals that match their criteria, providing a great opportunity to build awareness for yourself and your firm.
Tenants can view profile pages for you and your brokerage, and if you have listings on Spacelist, they can view those as well. Keeping your profile and listings up-to-date provides the best opportunity to generate qualified leads.

Connect with Tenants

One-on-one opportunities
When a tenant chooses to connect with a real estate professional on Spacelist they are connecting with that person and/or firm, and only them. This helps the tenant receive the best experience possible and have a direct one-on-one relationship to help them find the ideal space for their business.
Tenant Profiles
You will get access to their complete tenant profile, including details about their business and their space needs. You’ll also gain insights into their activity on Spacelist, allowing you to learn about what types of properties they’re interested in.