About Tom

Tom has established himself as a strong and dependable representative in landlord and tenant transactions representing multiple law firms, accounting offices, engineering firms, and medical practitioners in both the disposition of properties and the management of lease transactions. He has a practical and efficient style that compliments his background in analysis. He came to Edmonton from a small town with the ambition and entrepreneurial drive to be successful. Tom takes part in several business networking groups and organizations around the Edmonton area which helps foster essential relationships and strategic partnerships to ensure results and great opportunities that benefit his business, his clients, and himself. He takes great pride in educating, supporting and negotiating on behalf of his clients. Being younger in the business, Tom continues to be motivated in the successfully closing of numerous transactions and ensuring all parties to the transaction are satisfied. Tom takes on the approach of lifelong learner, always seeking new ideas and information that can help his clients in the forms of reading and continuing education seminars. This value add approach has led to many creative solutions for his clients and new positioning of assets in the marketplace that has helped to fill long standing vacancies.